Porsche Launches New Online Vehicle Livery Design Portal, ‘Second Skin'

In today's modern world, personal expression is more important than ever, and Porsche Digital is allowing its customers to do just that with a brand new online platform that they've just revealed. "Second Skin" enables users to take customized livery designs and apply them to the body of the vehicle of their choice.

While the baseline functionality is to take designs from current and classic motorsports, you can also get creative and use designs from other industries such as fashion or art. In order to feature the most encyclopedic array of design compositions, Porsche has formed partnerships with numerous artists and design studios around the world.

Porsche Digital's Simon Weiss called the livery segment "a very fragmented market" and that Second Skin's approach with to "guarantee quality" and "offer a comprehensive approach to finding a solution."

Second Skin completely digitizes the design process, as you will select the model in the program and craft the look either by yourself or in a consultation that will walk you through the process. It's also worth noting that designing the vehicle in "Second Skin" doesn't cost you anything, so you can just play around in the program for fun. If you fall in love with the design you come up with, you can complete the order for a fee that starts around $4,500.

Every current Porsche model is available to be redesigned in Second Skin, but you can also do vehicles on a variety of other brands. You can pre-register to get into Second Skin right now ahead of its worldwide launch sometime in July 2019.

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