Expert Auto Consignment Services in the Dallas Area: Sell Your Current Car with No Effort

Gone are the days of posting a "FOR SALE" sign in the front window of your car and parking it on the front lawn--this is the age of the internet, and there are more ways than ever to sell a car.

And not all of them are going to be the right fit for Dallas drivers who are looking to get the best price, in a short amount of time, without getting the runaround from dozens of nosy shoppers who have no intent of actually buying.

That's why auto consignment is such a great way to sell your car. You get a fair price for your car without the stress of a private sale, and without the uncertainty of an auction.

What is Car Consignment? How Does It Work?

Imagine handing someone the keys to the car that you don't want anymore. They take it, sell it, and a few weeks later you get a big, fat check. You've had to do no work to sell it. You didn't have to meet with any buyers, or haggle over the price. You didn't need to meet up in empty parking lots or let strangers snoop around your garage.

That's the magic of consignment. And while people may typically think of consignment in terms of clothing, it's actually a great way to get rid of a car that you don't drive anymore. Selling a car through dealer consignment is safe, easy, and is well worth it.

The Process at Lewisville Autoplex

A simple process helps you to put your car up for sale in the Dallas area, with little work and no stress:

  • Use the form below (or call us) to tell us about the vehicle that you're looking to consign: make, model, year, trim, condition, any special equipment, any issues--while we have some limitations, we accept almost anything
  • If we accept your consignment, bring your car to our facility with available registration, proof of insurance, latest inspection, title paperwork, and a small consignment fee
  • We'll chat about any repairs or detailing that we think may help your car sell better, faster
  • We'll advertise your car for you: take the calls, emails, and questions, and deal with the shoppers who may want to buy your car--you'll never hear from tire-kickers or low-ballers
  • We'll haggle on your behalf, help the shopper with financing, and handle all of the paperwork
  • After the vehicle has sold--and all of the necessary paperwork has gone through--you'll get a check. It's as simple as that

What Are the Benefits vs. a Private Sale or Auction?

There are dozens of benefits to car consignment vs auction or private sale, but here are the three big ones:

#1: Security and Peace of Mind

While selling your car at auction isn't inherently risky, it sure is a pain. And when you sell a vehicle at home, you run the risk of letting dozens of strangers come to your house or apartment and get a good look around while you're trying to tell them about the vehicle. It's also possible that checks will bounce, or your vehicle might even get stolen when your "buyer" decides that they do, in fact, like it.

Consigning your car means that your hands are totally clean of the selling process, and we'll keep your vehicle safe on the lot.

#2: Broader Advertising

Auctions typically don't advertise cars unless they're a collector's item, rare, or vintage. And if you sell your car yourself, you'll be 100% responsible for getting your listing in front of the eyes of Dallas shoppers, fighting with thousands of other sellers on Craigslist and Facebook. Not worth it!

We've got the connections. Not only can we list your car for sale right here on our website, our unique industry connections allow us to push out our inventory listings to other third-party sites, displaying the ad for your car to thousands of interested and motivated shoppers all over the area.

#3: More Money for You

If you choose to sell your car at auction, you will only get a portion of whatever the highest bidder wants to pay for it--and that is if you even get a bid for your reserve. If you don't get a minimum bid, your car comes back to you and you've wasted your listing fee.

If you choose to sell your car through private sale by owner, you'll have to deal with general public. It could take weeks or even months to find a serious buyer, and in that time, you'll probably go grey with stress and frustration. Since most private buyers will need to be buying in cash, or getting a loan themselves, you'll probably have to set your sales price far below where you'd like to.

If you choose to consign your car in Dallas through a trusted dealer, you can be confident in getting good money for it. How? We offer financing, so we attract serious buyers who are willing to pay more for a quality vehicle like yours.

Consign Your Car, Truck, SUV, or Van with Lewisville Autoplex Today

Ready to get that car off of your hands and onto the lot? We want it!

Let our team do all of the work, and take care of all of the stress, of selling a car in Dallas. Our consignment process couldn't be easier, and you could walk away with a lot of money in your pocket. Get started by filling out the form on this page to submit your vehicle for consignment. If you have questions, please feel free to call us.

If you're ready to unload your vehicle right now, but aren't interested in waiting for a consignment check, you can also sell it to us outright and we'll take care of the rest.

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