Own Your Used Chevy Corvette Buying Experience Here in Lewisville, TX with Some Advice from Our Experts

Heeding that inner Formula 1 driver, you've decided to rev onto the market for the iconic and flagship Chevrolet sports car. You've got your work cut out for you. There's plenty to consider. After all, the sixth-generation coupe and convertible duo debuted in 2005 with some serious upgrades, and it has been rapidly modernizing ever since. Plus, the pre-owned market has some unique quirks.

For one, no pre-established price requirements apply, from Chevy or otherwise; used car dealerships like ours set them. Secondly, the selection of used vehicles in today's market is much larger than new, and there's more variety. Finally, the costs of owning pre-owned, including your money-down investment, depreciation (which is already little or none), and insurance and maintenance expenses, can be a lot lower than owning new.

Factor in that there are so many used Corvette models and trims to choose from, especially here in Lewisville, TX, and it can be hard to tell where to begin shopping. Luckily, the exotic car and performance vehicle experts here at Lewisville Autoplex Preowned have some advice. It comes with a bit of good news, too: given nearly endless possibilities, you can start anywhere you like.

Be Open to Options

Consider which pre-owned Corvette you prefer by taking stock of your needs. Sure, you already love Chevy sports cars for their adrenalized thrill ride, driven by some of the highest horsepower ratings in modern production, let alone that peel-out torque. But sometimes, the former can get lost in the details. For instance, will you need a little storage space for a weekend pleasure cruise? You might prefer a coupe versus convertible. Some Corvette trims offer more cargo room than some sedans. Of course, if you prefer top-down excitement, you might prefer the latter. If fuel economy's important to you, often, base models are more efficient than top-tier trims, and so on.

Do Your Research and Get as Informed as Possible

These days, the Information Superhighway makes learning more about your favorite sports coupes and convertibles a whole lot easier and more fun. Check out sites like Autotrader.com and KBB.com, the latter the Internet wing of Kelley Blue Book. They're a wealth of helpful model info. On each, you can find side-by-side model comparisons, reviews from both the experts and your fellow drivers, and a ton of vehicle worth and value data. Before long, you might just find the Corvette you're looking for.

So, with knowledge in hand, feel free to take a look at our wide selection of pre-owned Corvette sports cars, available right here on the Web. You'll find that we're home to later-model, lower-mileage options galore. Best of all, each comes backed by the quality assurance of a comprehensive multipoint inspection performed by expert Chevy service technicians. Then...

Visit Your Used Corvette Dealership Prepared

First, select a few models and trims that fit your bill. Then, set yourself a budget. Finally, bring together all that vehicle info in a file to bring with you when you drop in here at 1651 S. Stemmons Freeway.

Know your Corvettes' 17-character Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) and have a Vehicle History Report on hand from CARFAX. If you plan to spring for auto financing through us, have a copy of your credit report, too. Plus, any car loan pre-approval information is helpful, not to mention any price, insurance, and extended warranty quotes. It's even a good idea to have on hand any value information for a trade-in if you plan to make one.

Finally, be sure to take notes on what else you learn during things like dealer inspections as well as your test drive -- they'll be handy for reference later when making your decision. From all of us here at Lewisville Autoplex Preowned, welcome, and we look forward to helping you step into your next Corvette driver's seat!

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