Could You Use a Dually Pickup Truck for Your Work Needs Near Lewisville?

How would an extra set of wheels on the rear end of your pickup truck affect the level of capability you have when you work? There's an easy way to find out. At Lewisville Autoplex, our Texas customers can browse pickup trucks that include this exclusive feature to aid with handling tough towing. Did we mention that our selection of dually trucks are pre-owned, meaning their prices add to their overall appeal? Make Lewisville your destination for a custom pickup truck that will make all the difference in your vehicle's stability and success.

What Characteristics Make Dually Pickup Trucks Different?

The chief visual difference that causes dually trucks to stand out among the truck body style is the extra set of wheels located on the rear side. Other than that, dually models are no different than standard pickup trucks in how they look. Since there's not much alteration in how they're styled, most drivers decide to invest in a truck like this solely based on how they perform. There are three benefits in choosing to make your next truck a dually.

  1. More stability will be made possible for the trailer you have hooked up to your dually truck, especially if you're commuting through windy weather situations.
  2. With the added level of support in the truck's rear, dually models tend to reach much higher payload and towing capacities than standard four-wheeled trucks.
  3. If you're anticipating using a fifth-wheel trailer for heavy-duty towing jobs, your extra rear wheels in your dually truck will make it easier to accomplish these loads.

Where Can I Find a Quality Dually Truck Near Me?

If you liked the three benefits we listed, adding the second set of wheels to your next truck could help you achieve your towing and payload responsibilities. You can find a selection of dually pickup trucks at Lewisville Autoplex from a range of truck manufacturers like GMC, Ram, Ford, and Chevrolet. Start browsing these available models now or give our Lewisville team a shout and we can guide you to a dually truck we think would fit your preferences.

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